Get Fit Resistance Band

CFA 7,900.00

Light Resistance- Red

(1m long, 1.3cm wide and 0.5cm thick)

Resistance strength of 6-15kgs 


Medium resistance – Black

1.05m long, 2.3cm wide and 0.5cm thick)

Resistance strength of 10-30kgs



The Get Fit resistance bands are an easy-to-carry full-body lightweight, and portable outdoor workout tool. Use our stretching bands for flexibility and muscle toning, such as pull-up assistance bands, physical therapy, yoga, and Pilates band for increased strength and flexibility. Achieve your best body and tone up your abs, arms, shoulders, legs, and booty with our premium home workout equipment.

Our resistance bands are for men and women by level of suggested exercises. They come in a set of 2 pieces (Red and Black)


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